Employment Assistance Looking for a job or internship? • you will have an eye-catching resume; • you will know how to sell yourself during an interview; • you will receive information about the labour market and training programs. Let's build your professional project together! We are here to help you! What to expect when coming to us: Départ@9 Are you 18 to 29 years-old and feel lost among the array of choices offered to you? Would you like to receive help to find your path? Départ@9 is there for you! Possibility of allowance. Connexion Emploi Interested in moving forward within an intensive group project? Connexion Emploi offers: • Business tours • Meetings with employers • Personalized coaching You are just 8 weeks away from finding a full-time job! • Professional development activities • Participation allowance Ma famille, j'y travaille Do you have children between 0 and 5 year(s) of age? Are you looking for a job or a professional project? Come see us to discuss your future. You may be eligible for daycare fee reimboursement. Focus If you feel like you face physical or psychological difficulties, we can help! • Internships and job placement • Professional development workshops • Tailored support throughout the project and during employment Focus, finding a job tailored to you! Autonomy Are you 16 to 35-years-old? Looking for: • Someone to talk to; • Support throughout your personal • Someone to steer you towards the right ressources to you. The counsellor on the project can help! and professional journey; Personal and Social Youth Entrepreneurship Would you like to launch a business? Do you have a business idea and are you looking for advice to start? Come see us to validate your entrepreneurial profile, make your idea come true and set up your project. School Retention Are you 12 to 24 years-old? Do you need help: • getting motivated at school; • going back to school; • getting back into action? This is the project for you! Hang On! I'm in charge Desjardins's financial education workshops allow youth to: • Become equiped to grasp the risks of overconsumption carrying substantial debt; • Develop a better understanding of consumption and credit. their rights and obligations; • Understand and tackle issues such as savings, • Start up their financial life with confidence; Vélogik Are you interested in bicycle mechanics and active transportation? Do you want to develop social and professional skills? Join us for a six weeks-long internship! https://www.facebook.com/velogik/ Come get your bike fixed! Four our schedule, visit