Mariane Beauchamp-2

Mariane Beauchamp

“My meetings with Mr. Olivier Bérubé exceeded my expectations. There were many times where we did indeed discuss what I would like to study, what I enjoy, what my qualities and shortcomings are and more, but he also took the time to understand what was keeping me from moving forward and to help me brainstorm reasons why this was the case, and why I kept giving up on things that I had my heart set on. I felt that he not only supported and respected my questions and comments, but also my feelings. I have come out of these meetings confidently knowing that the choices that I am making for my future are well thought out and will fulfill me. In short, I would like to thank you with all my heart for everything that you have done for me.” — Employment assistance services

Edouardo Carneiro

“Using Carrefour jeunesse emploi services was a great help to me while I looked for a job. The attention and motivation given to me by the Carrefour’s team helped me pursue my search with enthusiasm. I would like to thank you for the positive things that you do for recent immigrants.” — Ma famille, j’y travaille

Eduardo Carneiro-1
Mikhail Demin

Mikhail Demim

“The Carrefour jeunesse emploi gave me the tools I needed for the job hunting process. The interview simulation helped with my confidence and enabled me to get a job. My counsellor helped me decide between the options that were available to me.” — Hang on!

Emmate Dogo

“I was looking for a summer job so my counsellor at the CJE suggested I try this internship. I learned to fix bicycles, but never had I ridden one so much before. I’m from Benin, and I’ve been in Quebec for just over a year. I’m the eldest in a large family so my dad doesn’t really have time to teach us how to ride bikes. He is really proud of me now. Working within a team inspired me a lot and I think that this experience will help me through cegep because I would otherwise have tended to keep to myself.” — Vélogik

Emmate Dogo
Jean Murad

Jean Murad

Connexion Emploi is a very enriching project that taught me many ways of getting hired at my dream job. I think that everyone should take part in it at least once in their lives as it is by being at a Carrefour jeunesse emploi that we can truly discover our passion and whether or not a given career is right for us. At the start, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue because there were so many options. But now, thanks to my counsellors, I have discovered my passion for selling cars, which is why I currently work at Audi. The counsellors are all so nice and understanding and are always there to lend an ear. Without the CJE Saint-Laurent, I wouldn’t have been able to aim for such an amazing job with the little experience I had.” — Connexion Emploi

Myriam Vincent

“From the moment I set foot in the Carrefour jeunesse emploi, I felt supported and understood, I knew that I would get the help I needed. I decided to take part in Départ@9. I gained lots of experience through this program, which renewed my self-confidence and helped me build up the courage to get what I want out of life. CJE personnel, especially my counsellor, have all been important to me, and I will never forget what they have given me. Today, I am proud of myself: I am finally in an adult education centre preparing to get into cegep. Thank you all for this. — Départ@9

Myriam Vincent
classe FPT1 du SAS

Damian, Waseem, Romain, Maxim et Carlos

“Meeting senior citizens is an awesome volunteer activitybecause we get to learn a lot from one another by telling each other about our lives and experiences.” — Classe FPT1 class at SAS school. Créneau Carrefour jeunesse, volunteering branch