Fatima Larbes

« I would like to thank the entire team that works at the CJE Saint-Laurent, especially my employment counsellor for her help, her valuable advice, her support, and especially for believing in me and motivating me. Thanks to her, I was able to integrate the job market faster than I was expecting.

I strongly recommend that those looking for jobs or looking to go back to school stop by the CJE Saint-Laurent because there, they will find the right people who can guide and help them through what they need to do. The CJE Saint-Laurent is a warm environment where we are greeted and supported well, and where individual needs are tended to.Thank you so much, all of you. I wish you lots of courage and success in everything that you do. You are an amazing team.

Thanks again. » — Ma famille, j’y travaille

Garvens Vernet

« Thank you so much it has been an honor to work with you guys doing the best work ever! And I also want to thank you for your time with me. » — Vélogik

Garvens Vernet_Vélogik-1
Sarang Fofana_Vélogik-1

Sara Fofana

« First of all, I would like to take the time to thank you for the incredible adventure that Vélogik was for me. I love figuring out each bicycle’s problem and then going about repairing it. Not only did this intership allow me to ensure client satisfaction, but also to appreciate your level of accessibility and cultural diversity. For all these reasons, every moment spent with Vélogik was both pleasant and educational.» — Vélogik

École secondaire Saint-Laurent, édifice Émile-Legault's student

« I took part in the theatre workshops at Émile-Legault. It was a great experience for me because before having done it, I struggled to talk to people and I felt alone at school. Now, I can express myself better in French and I feel less timid. I find It easier to talk to people now. » — Créneau carrefour jeunesse, volet autonomie

Katrina Robertson

« The time I spent at the CJE helped immensely in figuring out my abilities and strong suits. I am becoming more and more confident. My colleagues and my boss always support and encourage me. I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I am often reminded of our conversation at the start of the program and of taking the full eight weeks to make sure I found the right place. I am so glad I did! » — Connexion Emploi

Katrina Robertson - Connexion Emploi-1
Sara Delva-Départ @9-1

Sara Delva

« Lost and not knowing how to find my way, I went on, hopeless, until the day that I arrived at the Carrefour. There, I could see that there were several paths before me. The Carrefour jeunesse emploi was a sort of compass, catalyst and even a family for me. My journey at the Carrefour will forever impact my life because it was there that I learned how to build my future, to believe in myself and my dreams. Although “employment” is in its name, it should rebrand itself to “future” because the fruits of its labours are not simply great careers, but rather lives being transformed! I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the advancement of this work, especially Amélie Durand Labelle. Your efforts are not in vain; if you are ever in doubt, remember me! » — Départ@9

Hind Ziady

« After managing to disconnect from the Internet, Vélogik helped me realize that a passion can develop gradually, provided we give it a chance. Before Vélogik, I was apprehensive about the future because I was unable to find my field of interest. After Vélogik, I learned that interest can be built little by little. Of course, open-mindedness and perseverance are required in order to do so. I wholeheartedly hope that this project goes on year after year because I would love for other young people going through the same doubts as I was to be able to confidently carve out their path, whether it relates to bicycle mechanics or not. » — Vélogik

Hind Ziady_Vélogik-1

« I loved my experience with the CJE and especially with the Focus group. The team helped me discover who I am and what type of work is right for me. The CJE works hard in order to provide us with the tools that allow us to perform better at work and keep our jobs. Thanks Amélie for all the help you gave me. » —  Focus

Le comité de Carrefour des Aînés de Saint-Laurent

Lorraine Lavallée, Carrefour des aînés de Saint-Laurent's Chairwoman

« Just a quick word to express our satisfaction at the intergenerational meeting on February 22 at the Centre des loisirs. My companions and myself were pleased to meet these young high school students and to share ideas and points of view with them. We are a bit more at ease with the future of the younger generation and have more confidence in the adults of tomorrow. The meal prepared by these youngsters was delicious, the service impeccable and the atmosphere most pleasant. Thank you for choosing us and congratulations on this happy initiative. » — Créneau carrefour jeunesse, volet bénévolat